Reward Points

Every time you shop at Mynutricentre you'll receive Reward Points for every product you buy. Your Reward Points can later be redeemed in exchange for a discount voucher for money off a future purchase from Mynutricentre.

How will I know how many Reward Points each product has?

The number of Reward Points awarded for purchasing a particular product is shown clearly within each product description. We will also feature Double Reward Points during special promotions.

How much are the Reward Points worth?

For every £1 (or equivalent in euros or $) you spend at Mynutricentre you will receive 10 Reward Points. The rewards start at 100 points for which you can exchange for a £2 voucher to spend at Mynutricentre. This equates to giving you 2% back to spend at Mynutricentre, although this will increase from time to time with double Reward Points Promotions.

If you need any further information about our Reward Points please don't hesitate to contact us.