1. How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

    Problems with the heart are one of the leading causes of death in the modern age.

    The British Heart Foundation state that heart and circulatory diseases cause more 25% of all deaths in the UK.

    However, the confusing aspect is that many heart problems are entirely preventable.

    Research from the British Dietetic Association shows that just 15% of adults actually reach their five fruit and vegetable a day target.

    A healthy lifestyle creates a healthy mind and body, but many of us don’t fully acknowledge the importance of this until it’s too late.

    Today, we’re going to look at exactly how to structure your lifestyle and what to include in order to live a long, happy life.

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  2. Female Health

    Female Health

    Clever nutrition specifically designed for women

    A woman’s body is a complex, finely tuned machine. Each day it accomplishes many miraculous tasks and for the most part, is fairly self-sufficient. The regulation of hormones, maintenance of bone density, reproductive health, urinary tract health and immune function are just some of the areas of health that concern all women. An increasing number of women are taking proactive measures in an attempt to ward off or delay the effects that ageing and hormone imbalances can have on the body. Part of this self-care may involve choosing the correct nutritional supplements. Solgar® has formulated the most innovative supplements suitable for women at various stages of their lives. These nutrient formulations may support good health when combined with a health-promoting diet and lifestyle.

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  3. Health Store News

    Health Store News

    Step-up to JOINT health

    A D V I CE , service and a wide range of health foods and supplements are available from your local independent health food store.


    • Solgar ® 7 - The Next Generation After Glucosamine
    • Nature’s Botanicals
    • Your Say... Solgar ® 7 Testimonials

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  4. Health Store News - Natural beauty

    Health Store News - Natural beauty

    Because true beauty starts from within.

    Welcome to our Natural Beauty newsletter. It’s packed full of nutritional facts and top tips to help you gain the best information for your healthy living choices - from your local independent health food store.


    • 1. Protein is a Rejuvenator
    • 2. Cellulite
    • 3. Skin, Nails and Hair - Naturally
    • 4. Power of Antioxidants
    • 5. Slimming - The Natural Way

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